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              Create a packaging design with distinctive user experience and significant culture values by integrating the product features with the characteristics of the target audience.

              Always is a feminine hygiene product brand owned by Procter&Gamble, a company has been establishing brands for the past 175 years. Whisper is a branch of P&G, and it has always been dedicated to providing the best products for female’s daily hygiene care. The soon to be released cleansing serum also serves the same purpose, which is to provide the best care for women during their less fabulous days. After taking a close look at the scenes of daily lives. We focused on the usual placement for this product, which is the bathroom. The design inspiration was taken from SPA, how it reminds people of candles, aroma, and steaming warmth, it also correlates with relaxation and self-care. Merging these emotions, a slightly melted candle became the silhouette of this product. The whole set of this product all came with different shapes as melted candles. This unique look gives out a sensational vibe which can bring you to a steaming foggy bathroom with lighted candles, where you can relax in a hot tub. The name Light has two layers of meaning, one is because it relates to a lit-up candle, another implies to lighting up a bad mood for ladies during their special days, by incorporating target audience, product, and emotion into one good design, not only it can improve the overall product quality, it can also bring consumers an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

              The whole set of products took the shapes of slightly melted candles. The inspiration came from SPA, how it reminds people of candles, aroma, and steaming warmth, also correlates with relaxation and self-care.